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Living in the high lonesome of Idaho is a true artist at his craft, keeping the mountain man spirit alive. Jack Montgomery has been crafting his Coyote's Capotes and swapping lies at the many Rendezvous in the region for a long time - and still has his hair! Why, he's survived in this country by being the best at what he does, not unlike those that went before. Take alook at just about the best mountain man high-fashion to be found anywhere...

CapotesThe origin of the capote can be traced to the French; it means "coat". Dating back to the 17th century, it was widely used as a trade item, and treasured by mountain man and native American alike.

 Each wool blanket destined for use in a capote is handmade which goes into every capote. All capotes have Jack Montgomery's trade mark label "Coyote's Capotes", a comfort-split up the back, hoods, and genuine leather fringe trim. "Coyote's Capotes" are even washable; just a simple cold water wash and allow to drip dry (similar to taking a dunk off a spunky horse in the middle of the Salmon River).

Below are some examples of my handmade capotes. Since blanket availability is always changing, please feel free to contact Jack or Debbie  (208) 684-4607 for current selection.  Pricing on capotes range from $275.00 - $375.00, plus shipping, depending on blanket material used.

 Joe Lando, who played the character "Sully" on the popular television show "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman", is the proud owner of a Coyote's Capote in the "Trapper" style.

Next time you are in Great Falls Montana check out the Charlie Russell Museum and you will find Jack’s Capotes being displayed.

Timeless warmth, comfort, durability, and style!

Tumbleweed Copote & Grey ScabbardFrontier Capote . Completely hand-crafted. Available: 1) Tumbleweed or 2) Loden stripe or 3) Chestnut Mix 4) Saddle Brown. 

Suffolk CapoteSuffolk. Dynamic color combinations!

Susquehanna (Limited Edition). Stay warm and stylish in one of the following color choices: Black Navajo, Green Navajo or Red Navajo design.

South Fork CapoteSouth Fork (Limited Edition)-- Available in blue (shown at left), maroon, with other colors sometimes available.

Trapper CapoteTrapper Capote. One of my most popular! Available in these dynamic color combinations!

 1) White w/black hood; 2) Red w/Black Stripe; 3) Traditional Hudson's Bay Candy Stripe; 4) Solid Blue; 5) Forest Green.

All NEW and Available NOW!Wool Shawls

Shawls Fast becoming a favorite of the ladies! Beautiful hand made wool and leather frindged shawls to fit any occasion from elegant to casual. Available in multiple color combinations!

Blanket colors: Black, Grey, Blue, Green, and Wine

Leather colors: Gold, Black, and Cream

Choose your own combination!

Demand for our new catalog has been overwhelming! Jack, otherwise known as Ear-Puller 

So we palavered,
and decided to put the whole pea-pickin' thing on the internet. We just want to save you five bucks. So feel free to wander throughout my internet tipi tradin' post, and pick out something that rings your chimes.



Air Freshener BagsAIR FRESHENER BAGS -- $10.00

Fill these multi-use bags with potpourri and use as air fresheners! Or use to carry items such as coins, marbles, jacks, jewelry, and other precious commodities! Yep, that's real leather fringe dressing up real wool blanket material. Click on the image to see more of these bags. Can you believe it? Four bucks! I keep tellin' yuh; 1832 rendezvous prices!

Rifle Scabbards -- Every rifle needs one. Hand made from assorted blanket material. Will make to fit any size Rifle, from Muzzle-loader to High power gun with Scope. We can make the Scabbard match your Capote.

Prices: Scabbard W/Buckskin Fringe- $35.00

Scabbard With Wool Fringe- $25.00





They just kept buggin' me and buggin' me til they wore me down.

They heartily approved of the final product, and your lady will too. They're multi-colored to match the capotes! No pictures at present, you'll just have to take my word for it. And only a paltry $45-$55 plus shipping.

Fire Starting KitFIRE STARTING KIT -- $20.00

Kits come in a wool carrying bag, and include everything you need to start a fire the old-fashioned way. Priced plus shipping.

Medicine BagsMEDICINE BAGS andJaw Harps

Made from elk or buckskin. Hand stitched. Hang one on your saddle, or from your black powder rifle stock on the wall. Dresses it right up.Assorted styles. Contact us for prices on Bags. Jaw Harps--$10.00 for leather fringed wool bag w/jaw harp.



Cow Seeds!COW SEEDS – Limited Availability

Here's your herd starter kit!

at the various Rendezvous'
and Trade Shows
throughout the year!


Fort Buenaventure, Ogden, Utah, End of March, Easter Weekend

Jackson Hole Old West Days, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Memorial Day Weekend.

Portneuf River, 2nd McCammon exit, Idaho, First Weekend in June.

Fort Henry, 3 Miles South of Ashton, Idaho, Second Weekend in June.

Burnt Hole, West Yellowstone, Montana, mid-August

Fort Bridger, Fort Bridger, Wyoming, Labor Day Weekend.


Coyote's Capotes
1012 W. 500 N.
Blackfoot, Idaho 83221




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